Submission Rules has some guidelines for you when asking questions and submitting entries.  Here they are:

  • rChance website is the result of our personal life experiences, we are not experts in the subjects on our website
  • Please be civil and respectful, it works in both directions, for us and you
  • We can’t address politics; we are trying to represent most people
  • We will deal with ethics; most of us need some kind of good intent
  • We cannot publish objectionable language and content, this means we don’t swear in print or talk about stuff you cannot let your children (or grandchildren) see  
  • Please send your submissions from valid email address and include an email name
  • Include a subject line; or topic, we need to know what you are referring to, specifically
  • Any submission should be helpful for people.  Has it helped you?  If, yes, maybe it can help others
  • Your submission may be edited, but we will not change the intent.  Some things are just too long
  • We promise that we will not sell your email name, or your email address, and we never will

That’s it.  Remember, it’s rChance to Thrive, Every Day and in Every Way!!!     Thanks !

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