New Year's 2014

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I know I’m late with this, nevertheless, Happy New Year everyone.  It is a new year and it is as cold as it can get in the middle of the US.  Not as bad as Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Fargo (brrrr), but for us, it’s cold.  Add to it a foot of snow and blowing winds, it makes one think about taking a trip to warmer climes.

A lot has happened since I last blogged and I promise I’ll get into them in the upcoming blogs.  I’ll give you the short list, mostly health issues.

Leg pain – Beginning last July 4th after a two-day road trip to see our daughter’s family, I encountered cramping in the back of my legs.  I wrote it off as a side effect of sitting in the car for two days.  The pain did not go away.  After returning home, the pain persisted.  Now I should describe the pain level as annoying, not excruciating or debilitating, just annoying.  So for the last five months I’ve been dealing with it along with the crack medical team I’ve assembled along the way.  As of today, the discomfort has subsided considerably.  Stay tuned for the story on how I’ve gotten to this point.

New Year’s Resolution – I am going to lose weight in 2014.  My goal is by this time next year I’ll be 60-80 lighter than I am today.  Part of my leg pain is related to my back, and that is linked to excess baggage I carry around with me.  So as self-motivation, I’ll report my progress on my rChance blog.

Shutting down my business – It has been twenty-three months since I earned any income from my consulting/training business.  I should say that I rather enjoy retirement and I haven’t been beating the bushes looking for work.  So I’ll share that process with you.

Call that a tease.  I encourage you to check in from time-to-time.

Remember, it’s rChance to Thrive, Every Day and in Every Way!

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