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I’m bored.  I’m retired. I’m stuck in a rut.  It’s not really all that bad, but it is all a bit discouraging.  I haven’t worked – by choice – for over a year.  I guess that means I am retired and I’m still making adjustments to that fact.  Let me give you some “for instances.”

For instance. Ever since grade school I awoke to the sounds of an alarm clock.  Oh how I fantasized what it would be like to be able to wake-up without an alarm be it an obnoxious noise or rock ‘n roll song.  Well that day has come.  I can now sleep as long as I want without being jolted into consciousness.  Guess what I wake-up to now?  It’s not a sun splashed room with a smile on my face ready to gleefully greet the challenges of the new day.  More often than not, I’m woken to the physical need to visit the bathroom.  So I’ve traded the artificial means of waking to the natural means.  And quite often the sun has yet to splash into the bedroom.  And then I can’t get back to sleep.

For instance.  That first cup of coffee.  This is a good thing.  Instead pouring coffee out of the coffee maker into a car friendly to-go cup, I can now frequent my neighborhood Starbucks and lazily enjoy a decent cup of morning coffee and conversation with Roy, Dale, and sometimes Eddie, Larry, and Cathy.  My only regret is that there aren’t any Caribou Coffee shops in town.  This certainly is a better method of infusing me with caffeine than doing it in rush-hour traffic.

For instance.  Breakfast.  I return home to a bowl of raisin bran or shredded wheat asking myself why not eggs, bacon, and buttered toast?  Now it has to be healthy as in low or no added sugar and lots of fiber.  Talk about boring.  I even use skim milk on the cereal.  Once or twice a week I’m treat myself to oatmeal from McDonalds, oatmeal, sheesh.  Boredom? You bet.

For instance.  The rest of the morning.  After my “tasty” breakfast I wander into my office (actually it’s a dining room that just morphed into an office) and turn-on the laptop.  I check my email, why? Who knows.  Every day there are over fifty new messages and within that gaggle of messages, maybe at best, two or three are of interest, the rest get deleted.  Boring.  Then it’s off to Facebook to see if there is a new picture or video of our 21 month old grandson.  If there is one, it’ll be buried amongst posts from friends demanding I share their post or suffer instant death.  And then there are those (you know who you are) that post those Facebook style greeting cards; you know what I mean, a greeting card with verse.  And you just don’t post one, you post five or more at a time.  Is it any wonder that I only check Twitter about once a week?  What can be more boring than 140 character (or less) messages telling me what you had for lunch. 

For instance.  The rest of the day.  I try to do something each day that relates to rChance.com.  But when I’m done with that, I’ll check-out the TV until I’m driven away kicking-and-screaming from the perpetual drumbeat of prescription meds advertising.  Ever listen to the side effects?  Almost all of them mention that death may be a side-effect.  Excuse me, I’m going to ask my doctor for a medication that may kill me?  Unbelievable.  And that style of commercial is repeated in the next commercial break only to be pitched by another prescription med commercial.  Boring.

Solution.  Maybe I should go back to work, or find a food bank, hospital, or school that could use a volunteer.  Any suggestions?

What do you do in retirement or plan to do when retirement becomes a reality..

Remember, it’s rChance to Thrive, Every Day and in Every Way. 

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