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I had my semi-annual glaucoma check with my ophthalmologist/glaucoma specialist yesterday.  As you may or may not know, glaucoma is an eye disease which damages the optic nerve.  For more information you can read the rChance Article entitled The Joy of Vision – Glaucoma in the rChance Health topic.  Briefly, if left unchecked glaucoma can permanently damage vision and lead to blindness.  Do I have your attention?

My primary care physician insisted about ten years ago that I get my eyes checked every six months with an ophthalmologist.  I have faithfully abided to her advice.  About three years ago, the early signs of glaucoma appeared.  The treatment was an eye drop prescription to reduce the fluid pressure.  Then two years ago I learned the pressure was increasing in spite of the eye drops.  I needed more attention and was referred to a glaucoma specialist. 

I saw the specialist.  He was very thorough.  He added another prescription eye drops to my regimen.  It worked but I have to be checked every six months.  That check-up was yesterday where he checked the pressure of each eye.

The results? Good news. Right eye is perfect.  Left eye is almost perfect.  His instructions to continue using the two eye drops and come back in six months.  YEAH!!

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