What is the most common source of “Identity Theft?”  If you said computer hackers you would be wrong.  What is the answer you ask?  It’s missing wallets and purses.  It accounts for nearly half of ID thefts, three times more than a computer data breach or online scam.  So before you lose your wal

Let’s say that you are at pre-retirement or retirement age.  You have experience in some way, at one or more career occupations.  Something has happened, the company went out of business, you got sick or had a baby and had to quit for a while, technology changed and you were let go, you have left

We all know about the problems we can have with our eyes as we grow older.  We know about cataracts and glaucoma, and we all know these ailments can be corrected medically.  But here is one you may not be aware, its pseudoexfoliation syndrome or PFX.

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We all heard about it at the Family Reunion, and it was a wonderful get-together.  It was a little light turnout this year, about 65 people, but we know everyone has active lives and is busy.  It went like this, my cousin Gary and wife Patti, have a daughter who has 3 children, all boys.  The boy

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death among Americans.  The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2013, 102,000 new cases of colon cancer and 40,000 rectal cancer cases will be diagnosed.

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Diary of My Cataract Surgery, Chapter 6 – Final Charges

Please note that these charges are for a special lens which corrects near and far vision, this is not a lens that Medicare pays for. 

Overview of charges for My Cataract Surgery


How I started a fire in the Microwave

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Going Back to My Childhood Home

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Diary of My Cataract Surgery/Procedure

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Topic: Cataract Surgery, Chapter 4


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