Our Family Emergency

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We all heard about it at the Family Reunion, and it was a wonderful get-together.  It was a little light turnout this year, about 65 people, but we know everyone has active lives and is busy.  It went like this, my cousin Gary and wife Patti, have a daughter who has 3 children, all boys.  The boys are Alex, who is 9, David, who is 4 and the little one, who is 18 months old.

They had a family party at Patti’s brothers’ house, which has an in-ground pool.   The pool has been there for many years, and way back, it had a diving board, which has been removed, but this also means that the pool had a deep end, about 9 feet.   The family has had parties there for over 10 years and everything has been fine, never a problem. 

This year, the party was going well, parents were all around and the kids were in the pool.  No one saw anything awry, except 9 year old Alex, who realized that his little brother, David, was not coming up for air.  Alex jumped in, went to the bottom of the deep end, lifted David above his head, and since he could not get him to the surface by swimming, held him up above his head and walked up the bottom of the pool until he got to where the little one was above the water.  Then he yelled and all the parents got David out and his Dad started CPR – which he remembered from a 9th grade class – many years ago. 

911 was called, and the CPR started to revive the child.  He coughed, gagged, and barfed - a lot of stuff came out of him, the Emergency Medical Technicians arrived and he was taken to the hospital, where he was for two more days.  The result of all this is that he was fine, a week later, at the reunion, but there are a few lessons to be learned.  The good news is that he remembers nothing, but a few lessons remain.  Today they seem pretty important.

An adult needs to watch kids in the pool, all the time.  Please give instructions to find your home, if there are strange directions or the streets are not clearly marked.  In this case, the EMTs took a wrong turn and it took longer to find the house.  GPS does not do everything.  I would say, Teach Your Child to Swim, it can save their life.   We also said Thanks, you did a great thing, to Alex.  He was a hero.

Since our Family Reunion was a week after the pool incident, we saw David running around and playing, so we knew he was alright, but the parents and Grandparents were still emotional about it.  I would be too.  We boomers may be called old farts, but we have seen a lot and we can pass on the lessons that might save a few lives along the way.   Seriously!

I, for one, am going to take a class in CPR.  In this case, Dad had taken a class in 9th grade.  So much has changed since then, who knows if we are doing the right thing?  Boomers are not finished yet, we have a lot to give, and it is needed.  So many young adults are working – and we can help them. 

Remember, It’s rChance to Live and Thrive, Every Day and in Every Way!

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