Diary of My Cataract Surgery/Procedure, Chapter 3

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Diary of My Cataract Surgery/Procedure

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Topic: Cataract Surgery, Chapter 3

More process - There was an additional appointment required to be completed by my regular medical clinic, to certify that I am healthy enough for cataract surgery.  The clinic filled out a form and I got a printed copy for the surgery office, and they faxed one also.  I was not charged a co-pay or asked to pay anything at this appointment, using my Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance.

Next it was back to the surgeon for advanced tests using four more machines to assist the doctor who gave the tests.  The machines confirmed I do not have glaucoma, the shape of my eyes, size of my pupils, the condition of my retina and more that was related to the process.

Also, I received one vial of eye drops, and prescriptions for three more types of drops to be used before and after the surgery.  Some drops will be stopped before others, the longest being used for about eight weeks.  The only out-of-pocket expense at this appointment was $10 for the drops.  The prescriptions were sent to my druggist and I will pay whatever Medicare and Medicare Supplement does not cover.   Since I have a deductible with my new Medicare Supplement, I may end up paying for them, especially since it is January of the year and the deductibles are just starting for this year - will report on that later. 

I learned that there is normal out-patient preparation for the surgery.  Normal food restrictions were advised, so only clear liquids are allowed the evening before the surgery, and since surgeries are scheduled for morning hours, I would not eat anything on the morning of the procedure.   

I was told that upon arrival, I would have normal surgery preparation, with establishment of an intravenous line, and not to wear any jewelry or makeup. The exact time of my procedure is to be 7:45 AM.  That was welcome, since I would not have to go without eating until late in the day.

I did check on the costs for the eye drops, for the three additional types of drops, the total cost to me is $372, again that is out-of-pocket, mainly due to my deductible for the year, which is $325, then the charges to me are calculated to include ingredients, filling fees for the druggist and any other amounts that are normal for this.  I am to bring all the eye drops with me on the day of surgery. 

The next step is to start two kinds of drops the day before surgery and one other drop before leaving home for the surgery.  Meanwhile, I am planning how to have food ready and meals available for the day of the surgery and the day after, because I won’t be driving.  Yikes, it is getting real, a little scary.  But I want to see better, very much.  I also heard that colors may look different, that sounds interesting!

Please remember that this is my personal experience, yours may be different – next Chapter 4 is the Surgery!

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