Diary of My Cataract Surgery, Chapter 5

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Diary of My Cataract Surgery/Procedure

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Topic: Cataract Surgery, Chapter 5

We got home and I was very thirsty, made coffee and drank some.   I had drops that had to be used for the first day only, in addition to the three other kinds that would go on for some weeks. My nephew left and I rested on the sofa, with the eye patch on, and slept for 3-4 hours.  I had dinner and realized that I could see quite well with my new eye, like across the room, and it was clear!  I kept looking around and it was all clear.   After a while, I went to the computer, checked a few emails and went to sleep – there was no discomfort from the patch, did not even realize it was there.

The next day I started with the eye drops, all three kinds, each 3 times a day and a 4th dose (before sleep) with one of them.  By that next afternoon, it was back to the optometrist for the 24 hour checkup.  After a couple of checks for eye pressure and general vision, there was an in-depth look into my eye with a machine, to check the healing of the incision. 

Upon inquiry, the doctor said that my prescription glasses lenses could be updated with plain glass if needed.  They even gave me a new, free contact lens to try in my right eye, after I got home.  Apparently, most adjustments will be made by my left eye within one month, but may continue for up to 90 days.  So, by 90 days post-surgery there will be some result that will be considered ‘final’.  Meanwhile, I want to try a contact lens in my right eye and allow my new left eye to do its thing, and will work with whatever happens. 

Since all was well at my 24 hour checkup, I was ok to leave, after making the appointment for the one week checkup, which would be at my local optometrist’s eye center.  Again, I went home, and laid down.  This surgery stuff is tiring, but productive. 

There were no new charges, and I now have to wait for the insurance and processing to take place.  But I can see – really well, with my left eye.  It is actually an adjustment to realize that good vision is there all the time.  I am so thankful, truly grateful.

The final Chapter 6 will include the financial charges and outcomes. 

Remember, it is rChance to Live and Thrive, Every Day and in Every Way! 

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