Diary of my Cataract Procedure, Chapter 4

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Diary of My Cataract Surgery/Procedure

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Topic: Cataract Surgery, Chapter 4

The day of the surgery arrived, at zero degrees F, and one inch of new snow.  Every single road was slippery, with three total traffic stoppages enroute to my 7:45 appointment time.  After three alternate ways to the Surgery Center, we arrived on time.  Whew!

I checked in and the financial person ushered me in to pay for the procedure. After discovering that my health care savings plan does not pay a claim for 3-4 weeks, I added my medical costs to my Visa account.  The cost overview is in Chapter 5.

Next another interview to confirm my name, dob, address and the eternal 25 - 40 questions about my health history, allergies, etc., etc..  I was then ushered in prep room, seated in a large chair, covered with a warm blanket and an intravenous line was put into the back of my hand.  I got a shower cap to cover my head, and covers for feet.   The eternal questions were asked again, and I was told what was generally going to happen.  The doctor arrived, confirmed that my left eye was the “one” and he put a dot on the left side of my forehead, with a black marker.

My chair was wheeled into the operating room, where it seemed there were about 6 or 8 people: the surgeon, the doctor of optometry, the anesthetist, surgical nurses, and others to assist.  I got off the chair and laid down on the operating table, on my back, with my head in resting in a depression in the table surface, so it would be still.  Then a strap was placed over my forehead to hold it completely in place. 

Drops were being put into my eye about every 30 seconds.  My eyelids were held open by something, but it did not hurt.   A big machine was moved into position over my face and lowered down over my eye.  I was asked to look into the machine, at a ring of light inside it.  It was very bright, and I said it was too bright to look directly at it.  Then a filter was put in and it was not so difficult to look at it.  In the center of the ring of light it was dark, with a dot of red light in the middle and I was instructed to look directly at the red dot.  The doctor said everything was going well, and he said something and the machine clicked, someone replied  and then he said we were done.

I can’t remember what exactly happened next, but I woke up in a recovery room, and it was over.  I was offered juice, coffee and cookies.  There was really no pain in the whole process.

It took a little while to get my bearings, my vision was blurry, but would get better.  They gave me a pair of dark glasses to wear, as everything was very bright.  I thought it was from the lights and dilating of my eyes, but now think it was that more light was getting into my eye.  As I got ready to leave, a small case was given to me with artificial tears, an eye patch and tape (for the first night’s sleep) and we left the office.  My nephew helped me to the car and he drove me home.

 It was barely noon, we were home and drinking coffee.  It seemed to be really bright outside, and I rested on the sofa and fell asleep, with the eye patch taped onto my face.  After three hours of sleep, I awoke and everything seemed very bright and clear.  The light looked different like a florescent bulb was in the sun and windows – everywhere my left eye could see.  But I could see – Clearly – really clearly, like I had glasses on, but I didn’t have them on. 

Who would believe this?  I could see details that were unknown to me before this.  Birds, trees, a spot on the floor, they all looked clearer and brighter, the light in my right eye now seemed kind of a dull, yellowish color.  Since I am very interested in art, I was a little worried that the new brightness in my left eye was some type of distortion, while in actuality, the other eye was most likely distorted.  I was told that my brain would put the colors together in time and they would sort of blend, and they have.  But what a revelation! 

On to the recovery – oh, yes, it is called rehab (for rehabilitation) now, in Chapter 5. 

Remember, it is rChance to Live and Thrive, Every Day and in Every Way! 

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