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rChance – rChance to Thrive is all about you and your retirement.  Retirement hits you with new challenges.  Here are two quick facts: 77 million Americans will retire between 2011 and 2021; and three-out-of-four people start receiving their Social Security benefits at age 62, not 65 or beyond.  Where can you go to find information about retirement issues?   rChance.com. rChance.com provides this information from a personal perspective, not necessarily from a recognized expert.  Our generation is the largest group to live through and resolve the day-to-day issues confronting us as we mature. Sometimes we enlist the advice of our friends, our family, or those who become our ‘life coaches’ in some way.  That information comes from ‘real-life’ people in ‘real-life’ situations, and may be really helpful to others in ‘r’ situation.  What others know and have learned may be of great benefit to many people and great information for inclusion on rChance.com.   rChance.com readers are personal perspective experts.  We have learned a lot - maybe the hard way - and are willing to pass it on.

rChance.com is a web site dedicated to the proposition that you can thrive in your retirement.  rChance.com can be your forum to address retirement issues related to  finances, legal, health, and life style - from the perspective of those who are living through it.  rChance.com has articles full of good information for you to read, from people like yourself.  Sharing your knowledge is vital.  Asking your questions is essential.  Learning from and sharing with one another our life experiences is what rChance.com is all about.

If you are retired or planning your next phase of life, Welcome to rChance.com.  Take some time to look us over.  Read an article or a blog.  Ask a question. Read what “r” users write.  rChance.com is all about you and your life in maturity. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point.

Remember, it’s rChance to thrive, every day and in every way!

rChance Authors

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Welcome to rChance – rChance to thrive, every day and every way.  I’m Dave.  This is to introduce me to you.  Next a few words about me; as in where I’ve been, where...
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Hi There - I am Mary, recently retired and concerned about the people approaching retirement, in retirement or dreaming about retirement - it is a very challenging time in the working world - and in...

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